Now It's Your Turn To Be A Superhero!

Spread the Word and Become a Superhero

As you know, when a home seller pays VMG Realty to sell their property, a free listing (Frē List Benefit®) is provided to a veteran or first responder.

Unfortunately, as a company, we do not have the resources to generate enough business on our own to meet the demand of the Frē List Benefit®. So don't just be a supporter, be a SUPERHERO and tell everyone you know who is looking to buy or sell real estate to hire VMG Realty.

Remember, veterans and first responders need Superheroes, too! Become a Superhero today and help us spread the word!

Becoming a Superhero FAQ

There is no cost or time to become a Superhero to a veteran and/or first responder. You only need to spread the word when the opportunity arises. 

If you don't know anyone who is looking to buy real estate, you're encouraged to tell veterans and first responders about the Frē List Benefit®.

No. It's illegal to pay a referral fee to an unlicensed Realtor. However, when it comes time to buy or sell your own property, we can provide a negotiated discount.


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As of the Summer of 2023, Veterans Marketing Group is now doing business as VMG Realty.