Frē List Benefit®

Free Real Estate Listings for Life

The Frē List Benefit® is the first and only program that provides free real estate services and listings to all veterans and first responders throughout the nation.

It’s a very simple program…when a seller pays VMG Realty to sell their property, a Frē List Benefit® is created (similar to the sock company, Bombas...when a pair is bought, a free pair is given away to someone in need).

The listings provided by the Frē List Benefit® will receive the same state-of-the-art marketing and technology that our civilian clients receive, including 3D virtual walkthroughs, professional pictures, 2D floorplans, and aerial photography.

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Frē List Benefits currently available

Frē List Benefit® Frequently Asked Questions

VMG Realty will waive 100% of their listing commission with the average benefit being $9,575.  The free services include everything associated with a full-service real estate listing (all marketing systems, negotiations, professional recommendations, consultations, etc.). It does not include the commission offered to the buyer’s brokerage (typically 2%-3% of the sales price), home inspections, appraisals and home repairs.

Nearly all military veterans and active or fully retired first responders qualify. Dishonorably discharged veterans and first responders who were terminated involuntarily will be considered on a case by case basis.

A simple, completed enrollment form and proof of military or first responder service are all that is required.

Yes. It can be used as many times as you’d like. There is no financial limit, and it never expires.

As of the Summer of 2023, Veterans Marketing Group is now doing business as VMG Realty.