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My name is Steven Hattan, Naval veteran of the first Gulf War. I did something beyond extraordinary – I created VMG Realty. It is set to revolutionize the real estate experience for military veterans and first responders: free real estate listings!

Review the short video and become a part of the revolution (no time or money required!)

Steven Hattan

US Navy, Petty Officer 3rd Class
(USS Detroit 1993-1994)
Lifelong Joliet, Illinois resident

How Can We Afford to Provide Free Real Estate Services/How Do We Make Money

When people hear that we provide free real estate services the first question we’re asked is, “How do you make money,” or “How can you afford to provide free real estate services?”

VMG Realty is a professional real estate company just like Re/Max, CWB, C21, etc., and we make our money just like they do – by helping the public buy, sell, and rent real estate. This short video explains everything.

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Everyone Knows a Veteran or First Responder!

If you know a veteran and/or a first responder, become a superhero in their eyes by helping me spread the word.  It doesn't cost you any time or money and they'll love you for it.

Remember, by spreading the word, you're single-handedly providing largest non-government financial benefit they'll ever receive. That's being a superhero!

Meet a few of our Superheroes below.

Meet Our Recent Superheroes!


Real Life Superhero Story

Chris and Kristen are from Channahon, Illinois.  

They told Vietnam War veteran Bob Vargo of 10543 S Pulaski Rd , Chicago, IL 60655 (picture below) about Veterans Marketing Group.  

Bob’s house sold in less than 10 days, and he kept over $5,000 in commissions.  

Chris and Kristen are certainly Heroes for telling Bob about Veterans Marketing Group!  

Bob Vargo's House

Real Life Superhero Story

Mike and Melissa from Romeoville are Superheroes in every sense of the word. They needed to sell their townhome at 199 Key Largo in Romeoville (below) and listed with Veterans Marketing Group (sold in less than a week!).

“We have a lot of veterans and first responders in our family. It was an easy decision to hire Veterans Marketing Group to list our home.”

Mike and Melissa are Superheroes for listing with Veterans Marketing Group because when they listed, they created a free listing (Frē List Benefit®) for a veteran/first responder.

199 Key Largo

Real Life Superhero Story

Not only did Mike and Melissa create a free listing for a veteran/first responder by listing with VMG, they also referred Ed and Jessica from 1682 Shubert, Morris, Illinois (shown below), who listed with Veterans Marketing Group.

“The decision to list with Veterans Marketing Group was easy. Since we were going to pay a commission, regardless, why not help a veteran [or first responder] in the process?”

Ed and Jessica joined the ranks of other Superheroes for listing with the company and creating another Frē List Benefit® for a veteran/first responder.

1682 Shubert

Spread the word, Help a Veteran/First Responder and Become Superhero today!

Yes, I'll Help Spread the Word

Question and Clarifications

In order to become a Superhero (supporter who spreads the word to veterans, first responders and other supporters), you may have further questions or need further clarification in order to confidently share the story.  If any of questions or concerns are not addressed, feel free to reach out as others may have the same question or concern, and we’ll add it here.

All real estate companies must be registered IDFPR – Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. VMG Realty is a fully licensed company with the State of Illinois. Although we're not a household name, yet, our agents have come from the most well-known companies in the industry. (Click photo to enlarge).

A ‘superhero’ is someone who supports veterans and first responders by telling them about their free real estate services.  Superheroes also tell those who are looking to buy and sell real estate about VMG Realty so free real estate services can be provided via our exclusive Frē List Benefit®.

Yes.  The owner of VMG Realty, Steven Hattan, has been licensed as a Realtor for nearly 30 years and has been involved in over 5,000 transactions. Also, all VMG Realtors have been trained and recruited from well established, nationally recognized real estate companies.  Selling houses is what we do best.

No.  It is illegal for VMG Realty (or any licensed company) to pay a referral/finder's fee. However, if you have helped spread the word, we may be able to reduce your listing commission when your own property is for sale.

The Frē-List Benefit® can be used as many times as needed, there is no financial limit and it never expires.

Yes.  Anytime you start a ‘chain of events’ that leads to a listing, you will be acknowledged for your efforts.

Becoming a superhero is easy. Simply provide your information on the on this page and we’ll show you step by step how easy it is spread the word and become a true superhero.

Yes. Once you register to become a superhero, you’ll be given several sharable items to easily spread the word.

No.  In order to provide free listings, via the Frē List Benefit® program, we must have a paid listing from a non-veteran/first responder. Therefore, we must list properties that are not owned by veterans or first responders.

When a veteran or first responder lists their property with VMG Realty, no commission is paid to the company. However, compensation should be offered to the buyer’s brokerage to procure a buyer.  All other third-party services (title, attorney, survey, etc.) are the responsibility of the client.

We can be reached at 833-VMG-ISFREE (833-864-4737) or 815-744-4950.  We can also be reached at [email protected].


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